Raúl Franchi Martínez

SpecialityResearch professor at IPADE Business School

Session 1: Perspectives of Mexico

Research professor at IPADE Business School, in charge of Business Ethics. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Ethics focused on a model of ethical and socially responsible business management, a Master’s degree in Humanistic studies, an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in Marine Sciences.

Writer, entrepreneur and consultant. He founded a sea food processing company and an ethical learning content production company.

He has extensive management experience in global corporations and is a fluent keynote speaker in corporate events.

His passion is to revolutionize the way leaders are nurtured and trained, departing from a character development standpoint and an ethical framework with solid philosophical anthropological backgrounds.

He has Mexican and Spanish nationalities, is fluent in English, married with three children and currently lives in Mexico city.

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